Wedding Packages

When it comes to the your wedding images, I feel it has to be in a book. Because when you are scrolling through your wedding album it brings you right back to the wedding day and personally, I feel a lot more emotion to a wedding book. Thats why I make sure we offer a wedding book with each package. When i was at North Glasgow College beginning my studies in photography, we shot for the first 9 month on Black and white film so when we got to see our images it was always in print, so i think from their it has been imprinted into me!
  • All packages cover from bridal prep to first dance
  • 400+ fully edited final images
  • Copyright free
  • Full resolution images
  • Story Blog


Peronalised wooden USB Box



10"x10" Linen Wedding Album (30 pages)

Linen USB Box 



12"x12" leather/suede Wedding Album (40 pages)

Leather USB Box


Pre-wedding Shoot: 6"x6" photobook & Wooden USB box

12"x12" Crystal Glass Wedding Album, two 6"x6" Parent Books, Two 14"x11" framed prints, Wooden Boxed USB